Tired of unsatisfactory performance in bed? Try VigRX Spray

Many men are tired of being incompetent lovers. Many face problems with keeping their erection for long and ejaculate way before their partner has experienced the throes of passion which were promised to them before the act took place. A lot of men try to keep their erection longer by trying to think about other things to desensitize the effect of sex but all methods usually result in failure. What can one do to delay your climax so your partner can enjoy a longer intercourse and also experience pleasure? VigRX is a solution to all your sex problems.

vigrx spray

Many women complain that their partner comes too soon and they are not able to experience any pleasure from the act. These women then resort to other methods to get pleasure. Many men have experienced the sad act of being cheated on by their partners because they cannot perform well in bed and the women have to seek pleasure with someone else. If you also face the same problem and cannot satisfy your lady love then with VigRX Spray, you can. How? VigRX Delay Spray is a special spray which when used on the penis is immediately absorbed into the penile tissue which becomes desensitized to sexual stimulation. This does not mean that you will not experience any kind of pleasure from the act, it simply means that you need prolonged exposure to the sexual act in order to climax. This is a great thing because now your partner will experience orgasm from having intercourse with you which means your sex life will definitely improve. Women can brag about having sex with you because you have the ability to offer the prolonged sexual intercourse and more orgasms than other men.

What does VigRX Spray contain? Are its ingredients safe? VigRX Delay Spray contains Benzocaine, which is its main component. The chemical is a mild anesthetic and is used in endurance condoms. The chemical targets the nerves in the penile region and make them less sensitive to stimulation. Within ten minutes of spraying, you can start experiencing its effects which will now result in prolonged sex. Many other similar products use lidocaine as their primary ingredient which is not as good as benzocaine when it comes to performance.

The product works well and is very easy to apply. Simply spray it all over your penis and it will be absorbed within ten minutes of application. Just ensure that if there is any excess spray left, wipe it off so that your partner does not absorb any of it (which will reverse the utility of the product by desensitizing her!). It has been found that men who use VigRX Spray can last in bed for 20 to 30 minutes!

Can benzocaine cause any kind of side effects? In most cases, it will not cause you any harm but some people might experience slight irritation.

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