It is a well-know fact that almost 50 % of women have never experienced an orgasm in their lives! This is totally unnecessary. Women can also enjoy the sexual experience like men.

In many of the cases the cause of the problem is an uninformed male sex partner. However, there are also instances where women are unable to achieve sexual pleasure due to other reasons. For those cases where supplemental help is needed – there is Provestra!

Provestra was created by a naturopathic medical practitioner in conjunction with a leading manufacturer of specialty sexual enhancement products. The known scientists and biopharmacologists of the world incorporated all herbal ingredients to make Provestra 100% safe. Each ingredient and its appropriate proportion were chosen on basis of its ability to boost sexual and reproductive health, arousal, sex response and sensitivity.

Provestra Ingredients:

  • Red raspberry leaf- It acts as a perfect female tonic that can regulate uterine contraction. It is also known as pregnancy herb.
  • Damiana leaf- stimulates muscle contractions, and delivers oxygen to the genital area, which stimulates the clitoris. It balances hormonal levels, reduces vagina dryness, and increases the intensity of orgasms.
  • Licorice root- It provides strength to adrenal glands and encourages hormonal function.
  • Valerian root- It reduces tension and emotional stress, gives relief from menstrual cramps and provides a restful sleep.
  • Ginger root- It acts as a system stimulant that enhances action of other herbs.
  • Black cohosh root- It balances hormones and gives a mild sedative effect.
  • Ginseng – has been used as an aphrodisiac for over 5,000 years; it increases the libido. It can lower blood glucose levels, relieve symptoms of menopause, combat depression, and boost the immune system.
  • Ginkgo Biloba – carries oxygen to the smallest blood vessels throughout the body, so it increases mental awareness, and stimulates sexual activity.
  • Provestra Side Effects:

    We had several women here volunteer to try Provestra and none of them experienced any Provestra side effects that were detrimental or bad.

    One woman said she noticed a remarkable perkiness to herself throughout the day that she had not experienced in some time. Along with an increased intensity of her climaxes. She admitted that she didn’t particularly think she was having any problems sexually but realized subtle changes to her body after taking Provestra for a while.

    Provestra will help:

  • Increase in sexual desires and libido
  • Increase in sexual pleasure and sensations
  • Increased circulation to the female genitalia
  • Faster climax, and the ability to go again and again
  • Increased strength of an orgasm
  • Increase in reproductive system strength.
  • Provestra – As seen on Fox News:

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    • I first heard about this from a girlfriend who saw it on Fox. I’d been going through a rough time because of work, and my libido was nearly non-existent. My friend knew this so she recommended I find out more about it. I did some research and was impressed with the doctors who recommended Provestra. I bought a three month supply and figured I had nothing to lose by at least trying to salvage my love life. Well today I am a happier woman, and I enjoy sex again like I used to. The experience is more intense now, more erotic, and more sensational than ever before. I am having multiple orgasms for the first time. I want you to tell that to your website readers. This is one product that really works, I am living proof.

    • I swear, this stuff has saved my marriage. My husband had gotten so used to me not being interested that he had almost given up. Now, not only is my husband incredibly appreciative that I want sex more often, but the electricity and the chemistry is back, too! We are flirting and playful with each other just like we were when we first got together. He loves that I tease and seduce him again, and that I can’t wait to get him in the sack! No doubt, Provestra has given me the best sex ever. It’s like, wow! Why didn’t I find out about this sooner?!

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