Are you tired of losing your hair? I bet you are, but what can you do about it? There are so many hair loss products out there, some pharmaceutical, some herbal, some in the form of a pill or tablet, others in the form of lotion or cream, but the sad fact is that very few of them are actually effective. The prescription pills very often are, but then again, you have to consider the potential side effects that they may cause. For instance, the most popular one, Propecia is known to cause many erectile problems. So, basically you are just replacing one problem with the other and there aren't too many who will consider this a good trade-off. On the other side, you have natural herbal products. While they are much safer, they are also less effective. And there is another problem. They approach the hair loss problem only on on side.


Profollica, on the other hand, approaches the Male Pattern Baldness and its causes from two sides, as it should be. What does this mean? This is a 2-step everyday program that will help you to not only battle DHT, which is a type of testosterone responsible for hair loss, from within, using the all-natural Profollica Daily Supplement. This supplement contains a number of important amino-acids that will help against hair loss. The next step is applying the Activator Gel on the places where the hair is thinning or is already lost.

So, as the Profollica battles DHT from within, the Activator Gel does the same from the outside. This results in DHT being caught in the middle ground and basically having "no place to run". After just two or three weeks, the effects of DHT are completely stopped. However, if you give Profollica a little more time, it goes beyond that and even reverses these effects. That's right, you actually start re-growing hair where you've lost it previously. Of course, it isn't like it sprouts after a day or two, but after a month, you have your hair again.

profollica hair loss treatment

And that is not all that this amazing 2-step program will do to help your hair. Your hair will also become stronger at the root and it will not break as easily as before (it won't be like straw). Next, this treatment will also help with the first signs of hair-graying, something most hair loss products, prescription or natural, are just not capable of.

Both the Profollica Daily Supplement and the Profollica Activator Gel are made using only natural ingredients. This makes them not only highly effective as they contain many herbal extracts and other natural ingredients that have been proven many times as effective in fighting baldness, but also very safe for use.

So, to conclude. You have not one, but two excellent products that can help you against Male Pattern Baldness far better than anything else you can find on the market and they will do so in a safe way, without any side effects. If you know of any reason why you should skip on this, let me know.

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