Intivar is very effective application which every woman should have who knows that sex can bring not only pleasure but also pain. Stop suffering from discomfort during intercourse, discover for yourself new feelings!

What is Intivar?

Intivar is an application which contains only natural ingredients. Its composition aims to solve such problems as vaginal dryness, fungal infections, insensibility because of a stretched vagina due to giving birth or age and other natural occurrences.

Intivar has the unique composition of herbals which includes:

  • Microfirm
  • Korean Panax Ginseng
  • Hamamelis Virginiana
  • Quercus Infectoria


Each of them has its own purposes. For example Microfirm (which is contained only in Intivar) keeps the vagina moisturised and elastic. This effect ensures better sensations during sex. Korean Panax Ginseng helps the blood to flow to the vagina, it affects orgasms and pleasurable feelings. It’s a great Female Enhancement. Hamamelis Virginiana is very effective with fighting bacteria and fungal infections. This ingredient helps to keep the vagina’s health. Quercus Infectoria kills bacteria as well and also has another effect: it makes the vagina muscles tighten up. The effect will be especially appreciated by women after middle age when the vagina gets stretched and sensations are reduced.

Do I need Invitar?

A lot of women used to think their problems in sex are only their own and don’t do anything about it taking it as a peculiarity of their body. But feeling pain during sex is not normal for any type of body. The same is true about reduced sensations after giving birth or during the menopause. Don’t let yourself suffer, you can change it!

Invitar is recommended for women who suffer from vaginal dryness. If the vagina doesn’t have enough of a natural lubricant sex won’t be pleasurable. Intivar makes the vagina moisturised and brings back the nicer feelings.

It’s also helpful for women who have lost their sex drive. The ingredients of Intivar help you to get the libido back and enjoy your sexual life!

Women whose vaginas became loose due to their age or other circumstances can tighten it up to keep the youthfulness and elasticity of vagina.

Intivar is also recommended for women who have to fight with fungal infections. This medicine is very effective in helping to treat that and you can forget about any awkwardness.

What are features and benefits?

Intivar is pure herbal medicine. If you don’t have an allergy to its ingredients there are no major side effects. It’s completely safe for your health. The brand developers are certain about the efficiency of the medicine and they guarantee money back if you don’t get a desirable effect.

Intivar has a cherry flavour and also Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to care about the microflora of your vagina.

If you want to enjoy sex and forget about pain, order Intivar today! With Intivar, a great Female Enhancement, you will start a new sexual life with more pleasure and sexual sensations, because Intivar will keep your vagina youthful and elastic!

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